Lucky Dip Sale Screens

Lucky Dip Sale Screens
Price:  £19.00

Try our lucky dip bags of sale screens. Groups of 4 mini, 3 small or 2 medium framed screens put together in a bag at half price. These screens were made for shows that just didn't happen this year so we are wanting to move them on to make room for new stock and new designs! We only have limited numbers of each size - when they are gone...they are gone!
They are offered in groups that we have tried to make complimentary to each other, and are half the normal price. Why not take a chance and have a lucky dip and see what you might get! If you have never done any printing with our thermally printed screens, now is the chance to get a few screens to have a go with. 
Add a special lightweight squeegee to complete your purchase and don't forget we also have screen printing inks that are just the right consistency for our screens.