Thermofax Screens becomes screens4printing!

Friday, 28 June 2019

On 1st July you will see some small changes on the website as we rebrand as screens4printing.
When the new team took over in September 2018, we were no longer making thermofaxes. We have new technology which is based on a digital thermal printer, rather than a thermofax machine.
Rather than rebrand then, we decided to change the name when we started to go to big shows with screens and inks. We chose one with a more appropriate and perhaps more contemporary feel. 'It does what it says on the tin' type name.
Some of you will have had the flyer which tells you about the change and gives you the new address in with your completed orders, and we will continue to send these out.
As we are receiving more international orders we have decided to go with a .com address.

Our new website address is:

but the old thermofaxscreens website address will still get you to us, as will

Hopefully all will go smoothly but should you have any trouble please let us know either by phoning us on 07498 680112, or by e mailing

If you want to find us at Festival we are on stand N48, but if you don't remember that, both the old name and the new name are in the exhibitors catalogue.