Black & White Custom screens

Black & White Custom screens
Design upload:  
Price:  £16.00

Please read the Image guidelines below before uploading your image.

If you want to order more than one screen, after uploading your first image, click 'Add to Basket' before ordering your next screen and completing your next upload.

An easy guide is available to help you get your image to us with the correct specifications.

What size do I need?

Image Size                        Screen Size
up to 6cm x 10cm                  Mini
up to 9cm x 18cm                  Small
up to 12cm x 18cm                Compact
up to 17cm x 24cm                Medium
up to 23.5cm x 35cm             Large 

If you are a beginner to screen printing, it is not recommended that you order a large screen. Please contact us on to discuss.

Frame or no frame?

Framed screens are easier to use and are the most popular choice. However, you can buy soft framed imaged mesh which you can use as it is. These come with a taped edge (useful if you are printing onto irregular surfaces).  
Because of this edge, we do not recommend that you try to re-use old frames as it is not possible to stretch the mesh with the tape on the edge.
Please note it is not possible to supply blank mesh - nothing can pass through the mesh unless an image has been burned onto it.

Speed of Service:

Orders are processed as quickly as possible.  However, as we are also a teaching studio, please allow approximately a week for us to process your order.

Delivery then takes 1-2 working days for UK orders, 3-5 working days for EU orders and 5-7 working days for the rest of the world. 

* if you need your order quicker than that please email in the first instance as we might be able to help if we are not busy teaching. 

* please only select Next Day Guaranteed Delivery if you have spoken to one of us first and know we can fulfill this request.  

* we can process orders more quickly if images are at 300dpi and at exact size for printing - any query over the quality of the image uploaded will result in delays to processing

Image Guidelines:

  1. Images must be black and white (without shades of grey) and you need to ensure that the background is 100% white otherwise it may affect the quality of your print. If the background is the slightest shade of grey or colour, the printer may try to print this resulting in marks which may not be apparent on the screen, but will become visible when you print. Use the picker to check your background colour.
  2. Images must be positive ie the black lines / marks / text on your image are the parts that will print.
  3. Please note that images with very large areas of SOLID BLACK are not suitable for thermal screens.
  4. Digital images should be high resolution - ideally 300dpi. Our preferred formats are PDF and JPEG. Please avoid using the following formats - .doc and .docx (Word documents), .png and .pages as they do not always 'travel' well resulting in images which look different to your original design. 
  5. If you wish your image to print at a certain size and are not sure if your image is correct, please crop tightly to the positive image before sending so that we can assess/adjust the size if necessary, and put the required size in the comments box at checkout. 
  6. If you prefer to post your image(s) to us, they should be sent as photocopies (please do not send original artwork). We regret that we are unable to accept posted images for LARGE screens.
  7. We can take a look at your image(s) before you order - see Contact Us for further details. We will email you to let you know if it is suitable and suggest minor changes if necessary.
  8. Copyright - if you wish to use artwork that is not your own, please make sure that it is copyright free or that you have permission to use it, and you can forward that permission to us so that we are not breaching copyright by printing the image on to a screen.
  9. Further information about suitable imagery can be found in Thermo-FAQs.


We stock lightweight squeegees that are perfectly sized to use with thermal screens.

Screen printing inks

Our Screen printing inks are perfect for using with thermal screens for printing on textiles and paper. The inks are water-based, non-toxic and very easy to use.