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VAT No Longer....

Saturday, 7 December 2019

When we took over the business from Claire, we took it on as a 'going concern' complete with its VAT registration.
Over our first year we have charged and paid VAT on all our products. Whilst our customer base has been growing, which we are really delighted with, we know that we are not going to get back to the VAT threshhold for several years.
So we took the decision, in these uncertain times, not to put up our screen prices and pass that on to our customer base, but instead, to de-register for VAT.
We realise this will affect a few of our larger clients and schools, but hope that you will understand and that the loss of the reclaimed VAT will not affect your business adversely. Inks are the one exception to this, as there has not been a price rise on these for a long time. So although the inks do attract VAT and therefore we do benefit from not having to pay VAT on them, we will need to review these prices in the new year in light of the costs from our suppliers.

Christina, Christine & Sarah


Christmas closure dates 2019-2020

Thursday, 14 November 2019

We will process all UK orders received by the end of Sunday 15 December. They will be posted out in the week beginning 16 December before the last posting date for First Class post (Friday 20 December) and should arrive in time for Christmas.

International orders received by 4 December will be processed in time for Christmas posting dates, and 12 December for  EC countries. 

After that we will be closed for two weeks from Friday 20 December until Friday 3 January 2018 inclusive.

If you miss the deadline you can still order a gift voucher for a last minute gift as they are sent by email!

Thank you for your custom in 2019. We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Postal Address

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Christine has had to move out of her teaching studio which we were using as our postal address. So with immediate effect, we have a new address for you to contact us and send in our designs:

c/o Christine Chester
8 Penhale Road
BN22 7JX


Tuesday, 6 August 2019

We had a marvellous 4 days meeting people at Festival of Quilts. It was great to meet current customers and some new ones. Christine ran a 2 day course in Thermofax printing exploring layering, breakdown, paper lamination and more. Sarah demonstrated on the stand whilst Christine just made a mess! Chrstina kept the stand looking lovely and feeding us with coffee and snacks whilst doing a great job selling product. We will be back next year!


Thermofax Screens becomes screens4printing!

Friday, 28 June 2019

On 1st July you will see some small changes on the website as we rebrand as screens4printing.
When the new team took over in September 2018, we were no longer making thermofaxes. We have new technology which is based on a digital thermal printer, rather than a thermofax machine.
Rather than rebrand then, we decided to change the name when we started to go to big shows with screens and inks. We chose one with a more appropriate and perhaps more contemporary feel. 'It does what it says on the tin' type name.
Some of you will have had the flyer which tells you about the change and gives you the new address in with your completed orders, and we will continue to send these out.
As we are receiving more international orders we have decided to go with a .com address.

Our new website address is:

but the old thermofaxscreens website address will still get you to us, as will

Hopefully all will go smoothly but should you have any trouble please let us know either by phoning us on 07498 680112, or by e mailing

If you want to find us at Festival we are on stand N48, but if you don't remember that, both the old name and the new name are in the exhibitors catalogue.



New Categories & New Designs

Monday, 10 June 2019

                  POPPY 1                                   FLOWER 6                                   FLOWER 7

Now we are very familiar with all the designs in our design library, we decided that it was time to re-organise the categories to help you find just the right design for your purpose.
We have split out some categories - so Flora and Fauna have become 3 categories: FLowers & Foliage, Animals & Insects, Birds & Feathers. We have new categories such as Letters & Numbers as so many of you love text, which leaves texture as a category on its own.
We also have some old favourites that we have loved as screens - x-cross, seeds 1 - that we have put back in to the categories, together with some new flower designs.
Whislt we were doing all the work with the categories, we found a lot of designs had not been assigned a category so there may be designs that you have never found because they were only ever found under the banner of 'all products', and we have rationalised some of the anomalies of labelling so now everything is labelled with a number rather than a letter. So Bee A has become Bee 1. So if you do a search and cant find your favourite design, dont worry it will still be there - knock off the letter at the end and the search button will find it!

              DRY BRUSH 2                                    SUNBURST 1                                            SEEDS 1


Photo/Greyscale Custom Screens Page - Finally!

Friday, 31 May 2019

After discovering that our new thermal print system can produce beautiful greyscale prints, it took us a while to work out how best to offer this opportunity to our clients.
To give the best result, the print is done on a finer 120 mesh (our existing prints are done on a 70 mesh) and necessitates some extra settings and art work to ensure that the resulting print is not too dark. 
So it has taken us a while to get this on to the website, but finally we have. If you click on Custom Screens, either on the home page icon, or from the menu bar, you will get a choice of custom screens black & white - our normal screens, or custom screens photo/greyscale - our new screens.
We are hoping also to introduce some greyscale images to our Design Library - watch this space.
We hope you enjoy this new addition to Thermofax Screens - soon to be rebranded as screens4printing! 




New Large Screen Option

Monday, 11 February 2019

We have reviewed the current Iibrary designs and thought that some of them would be fabulous made larger! 
So you can now choose your favourite motif or texture and have it on a large screen. This works particularly well for changing scale on larger prints.


New Year - New Prices

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

We can’t quite believe that it has been four months since we took over the running of Thermofax Screens! It has been a steep learning curve, but we are really enjoying the new challenge, and in particular, getting to know you all.

We have now gained a much better understanding of the work required to make your images print to the best possible quality, and the time taken to make screens. Many of you will have noticed that the mesh we use is slightly different; this was necessary as the old (blue) mesh is no longer manufactured. This works with a different thermal printing system, and altogether offers better image definition, but requires a more complicated taping process and with custom screens there is a dialogue required around resolution and sizing. All of which has increased the time it takes to produce your screen. We have therefore made the difficult decision to increase our prices to reflect these changes. These new prices will come into immediate effect for all orders placed from 2nd January 2019. On average the price differential is £2 per screen, which we believe still offers excellent value for money. 
As fellow makers, we hope that you will appreciate the impact that extra processes have on making a product and will understand our decision. 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and creative New Year and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2019.

Christine, Sarah, Christina










New Look for the Gallery

Monday, 24 September 2018

Sarah, Christina and myself (Christine) have been running the business now for several weeks and discussing how we might involve you, our customers, a little more.
We have seen some lovely designs being uploaded for custom screens and we constantly wonder how you are using these designs, and those from our stock library.
We have been selling a few christmas related screens recently so I guess there are a few cards being made!
We would love to see how you are using either your own thermal screens, or our stock images, so we are inviting you to be in our new look Gallery. You may see this invite on the FaceBook page, and on the bottom of your invoices.
Over the coming months we will be adding new images to the gallery to showcase thermal screen printing on all sorts of surfaces, for all sorts of purposes. So please do send us photographs and we will give you full credit on the website.
We will also be adding a few images of our own; things that we have made in the past using thermofax screens, such as this piece by me, using a dry brush screen for paper lamination purposes.






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