Changes to Next Day Delivery

19 January 2021  |  Admin

In response to changes in both our own working practices, and our local Post Office drop off times, we can no longer offer a Next Day Delivery service for orders that come in later than 10.30am.
We try very hard to fulfil all orders that come in as quickly as possible, but we also try to create your screens in the most economical way possible to ensure our prices remain competitive. This requires us to combine screens on templates which require careful management.
With the increase of traffic in our local post office that COVID has created, we need to get our parcels there in plenty of time to enable them to process them by the time the van driver comes to pick up.
The combination of these things means that in order to keep gettting everyone's orders out in a timely fashion, any special requirements such as Guaranteed Next Day Delivery must be placed early enough for us to plan them as a priority in to our print run.