New Service Delivery Times

6 June 2021  |  Admin

As many of you may already know, we 3 partners in this business are artists with many different commitments. When the Covid pandemic took hold, our other commitments went into lockdown giving us more time to devote to providing a speedy service to our thermofax customers. We know, from many of the comments that we have received, how grateful you have been for that service commitment.
Now we are returning to a new normal, and all our lives are picking up again, we need to devote some time to the other areas of our artistic lives and employment. We have looked at how the orders are progressing and decided that we will be more efficient in our provision if we limit our print runs to a few days in the week, rather than every day no matter how many orders come in. This will also give us the time we need to devote to the other areas and endeavours.
Essentially, we are simply returning to our original aim to turn orders around within 72 hours, rather than the 24 hours that we set ourselves during the pandemic. 
We will be doing print and post runs ONLY on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays from now on, with a regular review of the situation so that we are sure that we can keep up our usual standards of good service as life returns to normal. To give us a fighting chance of getting orders into the post on the same day as the print run, we have a cut off time of 10.30am.
Please note though: if you have an order which is very urgent, please call us on 07498 680112, and discuss the situation to see if it is possible to help you out  with a speedy turn around. This may not always be possible depending on our own scheduled commitments, but we will always try and do our best on that odd occasion when you really need something quickly.