VAT No Longer....

7 December 2019  |  Admin

When we took over the business from Claire, we took it on as a 'going concern' complete with its VAT registration.
Over our first year we have charged and paid VAT on all our products. Whilst our customer base has been growing, which we are really delighted with, we know that we are not going to get back to the VAT threshhold for several years.
So we took the decision, in these uncertain times, not to put up our screen prices and pass that on to our customer base, but instead, to de-register for VAT.
We realise this will affect a few of our larger clients and schools, but hope that you will understand and that the loss of the reclaimed VAT will not affect your business adversely. Inks are the one exception to this, as there has not been a price rise on these for a long time. So although the inks do attract VAT and therefore we do benefit from not having to pay VAT on them, we will need to review these prices in the new year in light of the costs from our suppliers.

Christina, Christine & Sarah