Screen printing inks

Textile screen inks are very easy to work with and are the perfect introduction if you are new to thermal screen-printing. The inks are the right consistency to use straight from the pot and are simple to heat set with an iron. Colours are available individually or in sets.

Transparent inks

These water-based screen inks also colour-fast, light-fast and washable once they have been heat set. They can be used on a wide variety of natural and man-made fabrics and other surfaces such as paper and lutradur.

Transparent inks can be mixed to create an infinite number of colours. All colours except opaque white are transparent and can be made darker by adding black. Colours can be made lighter and more transparent by adding transparent extender base. White and opaque white can be added to create pastel colours. Opaque white is suitable for printing on dark colours.

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Water-based and solvent, lead and heavy-metal free, the inks are Soil Association approved and certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile standard). After disposing of excess ink in the bin, tools wash up easily in water.

Screen printing inks